THE CHANGING FACE OF THE HOTEL GUEST  You can’t play a new game by the old rules. The much studied Millennial generation is changing the game. All the games, across all industries. And, considering that approximately 50% of the workforce will be Millennials by 2020 (Forbes) this is a crucial time for hotels to be watching, listening, researching, and willing to let go of how things were done in the past. And, don’t forget, that Gen Z – the ones younger than Millennials, are even more determined and savvy and, at roughly 25% of the population, are a larger tribe than Baby Boomers or Millennials. 

While looking to book a hotel room recently, I saw a beautiful promotion for Marriott’s “redesigned guest room.” Knowing that Marriott, and its other large franchise friends such as IHG and Wyndham Hotel Group, have been working hard for many years to shed any same-everywhere-cookie-cutter hotel image perception, I was excited to see what changes they made to boost their appeal for today’s guests. Let’s take a look at the changing desires of these hotel guests and how Marriott and other hotels are trying to keep pace. 


SPECIAL AND UNIQUE  Today’s and tomorrow’s guests are seeking an individualized experience that is more focused on meaningful interactions and customized care, and less about the low price quick sell. This shift can be attributed to a number of things. To start, we now have access to endless streams of information and consumers are learning and evolving at a pace that is challenging to keep up with. What has worked in the past, does not work now. Marriott has recognized this shift claiming that the redesigned rooms are “Inspired by you” and are “More chic. More you.” You, you, you for the me, me, me generation! They demonstrate how they are now decorating the rooms with “real art”  and Pinterest-worthy “hardwood floors with accent rugs.” They are also installing bike racks in the closets of select hotels. Personal care amenity brands are very carefully selected, as they are essential to a cohesive brand offering and are often one of the more memorable guest room experiences. Marietta strives to always have a well-rounded amenity collection offering so each property can find the best way to make their guests feel special. The days of the mass-produced vibe are gone. Hotels also had no choice but to take note of what was drawing guests towards the customized experiences the sharing economy (i.e. AirBnb, HomeAway) could offer and take a long, hard look at their current models. AirBnb filled a large void in the travel industry allowing guests to break out of the hotel box. 

LUXURY REDESIGNED The shift in the definition of hotel luxury seems to be running in parallel to the resurgence in popularity of mid-century modern furniture and design. Perhaps this is because the same mantra can be shared: form follows function. Once, hotels could throw money at shiny things, bigger things, fancy things and call it luxury. What resonates now is not conspicuous opulence, but smart, purposeful design that meets actual needs. These new thoughtful, savvy guests can spot cut-and-paste design from a mile away and won’t even come close to falling for traditional marketing tactics. Consumers are seeking businesses with a true, clear identity rooted in integrity, transparency and creativity…and details matter. While exploring my hotel room I want to notice something and think “well, that’s clever” because it means someone paid attention and designed a product, service or process to meet a need that I possibly didn’t even know I had. We are now exposed to incredible design on a daily basis through various social media platforms and with many more examples to draw on outside of our personal first-hand experiences, guests are much more attune to the impact of thoughtful design and how they feel in a space.


THE POWER OF OPTIONS These modern hotel guests seek comfort in the form of options and hotels now understand that they can’t be a one-size-fits-all offering. In the past, hotels could cater to a specific group and attract that specific group. But with 4.8 Million average number of guests each night – and growing (The American Hotel and Lodging Association 2015 Survey) hotels should be seeking a wide variety of guests by creating opportunities for them to have choices/options. Millennials are serious about crafting their identity and they want to feel confident in the brands they choose. This choose-your-own-adventure type model can best be seen in recent changes to hotel lobbies. With lots of research to back the design choices, hotels have been re-configuring lobby spaces to be optimal gathering spots for all types. The level of interaction people desire with others will vary from person to person and day to day, so spaces are designed to accommodate both socializing and a bit of isolation with a thoughtfully placed chair or table. Be together, be alone, be whatever, but be it comfortably in the smartest hotels. Marriott also boasts “multi-purpose surfaces” in the redesigned rooms allowing for the various ways people work, live and multi-task. 

CONNECTION, PURPOSE, WELLNESS These new purpose-driven generations of hotel guests are, more than any other generation, looking for ways to align their spending with their values. They are less likely to accept offerings at face-value and are eager to form a more meaningful connection to the “why” behind the brand or offering. They want to feel strongly about their choices and want to discover special things to share with others. The wellness trend that spans multiple generations and touches nearly every industry has conditioned people to seek a comfortable and stress-free experience. And while the Baby Boomers have adapted to the wellness trends, the Millennials are again the focus here as they are are more willing to spend money on special self-care – nearly twice as much as the Boomers. Personal Care Brands have a very unique opportunity to design amenity programs with these detail-focused hotel guests in mind. These guests are paying attention to product quality more than any other generation and Marietta’s licensed brands such as Aveda, Pantene, Paul Mitchell, Beekman 1802, Matrix Total Results, and JR Watkins are made in the USA from natural ingredients and certainly will meet the needs of these health-conscious consumers while becoming natural extensions of hotels’ brands. 

While we are comfort seeking creatures, we are also seeking joy and memory-making experiences. Hotels must continue to evolve from purely “lodging” to “lifestyle” brands with greater purpose by considering branded experiences that extend outside the hotel’s walls. Think, perhaps, a super-powered concierge that provides classes or food tours for starters. Hotels should seek out opportunities to host events, foster a sense of community, and bring all these connection-craving individuals together in their space so those individuals forever associate those warm and fuzzy feelings of kinship and belonging with that property. 


HIGH TECH, BUT NOT TOO MUCH Over 60% of hotel research begins on a mobile device, but the process has to transition to a human eventually or the experience will feel too cold. Not enough tech and the property could feel like Little Hotel on the Prairie. Sophisticated, modern guests need a balance of tech and face-to-face offerings and experiences. And it must be understood that this equation can be different for the same person depending on if they are on a leisurely vacation or an important business trip. Or the offering needs to make sense for a local or a guest hailing from a different country. There is an opportunity here for hotels to provide guests with options for the level of interaction they are craving. Since tech is widely available now, service and humanity can be a true differentiator between two otherwise very similar hotels. 

THE ABANDONED MINI BAR As discussed, guests want to interact and explore. They want to connect over a drink and an appetizer in a hotel common area instead of sequestered away in their room eating a $14 bag of Cheese Nips out of the mini bar. OK, truthfully a part of me will always want to be in a hotel room by myself surrounded by snacks I don’t have to share with anyone, but if I am traveling for leisure the prospect of being able to seamlessly transition into a space designed to bring people together in a shared experience is very attractive. Large contiguous communal spaces with more natural light and well-sourced materials are the hotel version of the popular “great room” house feature people look for while home shopping on Zillow. Similar to working on your laptop in a coffee shop, people are seeking the “together alone” experience in communal gathering spots. Driven by social media, guests also want to want to document and share unique experiences. I suspect that interior designers are factoring “Instagram backdrop-ability” into design concepts these days. 

Catering to these rapidly evolving consumer wants and needs is no small task. Authenticity, creativity and a true purpose seem to be safe bets with these new breeds of hotel guests. Hotels should start there. 


Guest Author, Nikola Cline, Founder of Brandettes

We all know that consumers love to try before they buy, which is why sampling is a vital component of any marketing plan. In the beauty industry, the most memorable experiences happen on a personal level, where customers can touch, smell and interact with the product. Most brands spend thousands, if not millions, on trial at the point of sale, whether it’s a gift with purchase or a beauty box subscription. Depending on the space you’re in, these methods are a solid part of the marketing mix, but it’s time to look beyond.


If you’re wondering what an amenity program can do for your brand, consider this: Where can you sample a beauty product to a potential customer in the same room where they will actually use it? A hotel amenity program is one of the most compelling and forward-thinking sampling opportunities today, and it should be on every marketer’s radar.

Amenities are a key part of the hotel experience. They are, by definition, the identifiable and unique extras that hotels provide guests to maximize comfort. In personal care, it’s the tiny-sized products found on the bathroom vanity, in the shower, or sometimes even bedside. According to a 2016 study conducted by Deloitte*, travelers today are seeking brands that offer outstanding service individualized to their particular needs. Hotel amenities, in particular, are a great opportunity for both sampling and brand experience. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion and bar soap are no longer plain label commodities haphazardly strewn on the bathroom counter—they are high-powered brand partnerships, carefully crafted to elevate the guest experience. And, of course, they elevate the visibility and profitability of the brands involved.

Amenity partnerships are lucrative for the beauty brand and the hotel partner alike. Over 40% of hotel guests surveyed say they have purchased a personal care product that they first tried during a hotel stay—and typically, they do so within 90 days. Even the most sophisticated sampling program would be hard-pressed to yield anything close to those results, let alone drive that kind of exposure 365 days a year.

If you’re considering an amenity program, or are just curious, here are 9 Key Points for creating a solid amenity program with standout results:

1) ASSESS – Look at your brand and assess which hospitality partners could be a good fit. Look for hotels that share your brand’s vision, mission, demographics and design aesthetic. Consider partners that offer enhancements for your already-established core audience, not a divergent consumer group. Hospitality programs are best used to complement your brand, not revamp it.

The Aveda® brand relationship with the Renaissance Hotels® is a great example of a strong synergy between brands. These brands share core values, with Aveda becoming a natural extension of the Renaissance Hotels® guest experience.

2) CALCULATE – Run the numbers and offer products in your brand that have healthy margins and wide appeal. Keep in mind, some hotel partners may have refined taste on a limited budget.

3) DIG IN – Amenity programs, like everything else, depend on successful execution. Before you reach out to hotel partners, it’s essential that you line up your operations support ahead of time. Experts will help alleviate the pains associated with trailblazing a new relationship of this scale.

4) PICK PACKAGING – Develop prototype packaging that complements your brand and products. Be mindful of cost, washroom merchandising and recyclability. Make it functional—a clear or translucent package is often preferred by hotels, so their housekeeping staff can determine if a bottle is new or needs to be replaced.

5) PRESENT – Create a short but powerful presentation that showcases the best your brand has to offer. Include the founder’s story, brand vision, demographics, top sellers, product awards, press, social media following and media.

 6) PROMOTE – Be of service and consider ways you can partner with the hotel brand to drive a memorable experience. Do this through custom promotions, special events, new product exclusives and social media partnerships that don’t just give love to the launch, but add value for the long term.

7) REACH OUT – Get help from the inside and look for ways to involve team members, from a variety of disciplines, on both sides. Often hotel brands have a task force of well-respected franchise owners or hotel managers that offer incredible guest insights. Take the opportunity to get feedback from this group on how to make the partnership work seamlessly.

8) TAP INTO SOCIAL MEDIA – Promote engagement opportunities at the launch of your program and ongoing. Social media takeovers and influencer marketing programs are excellent ways to amp up the exposure and generate excitement for all brands. The direct-to-consumer engagement can also be tracked and followed-up on much better than traditional advertising.

9) WORK FOR THE LONG HAUL – Be prepared for your amenity program acquisition phase to be a marathon, not a sprint. Multi-year, exclusive amenity programs for large global brands are now the norm. The more you can understand about a potential partner, and truly work with them across multiple channels, the more likely you are to win favor.

Embracing the right amenity program for your brand can dramatically increase your product’s reach, add meaningful revenue to the bottom line and increase trial. We all know that customers are more likely to purchase a product after trying a sample. With hotel amenities, you can expand your reach and place your brand in the right place at the right time for a future sale. What could be more hospitable than that?

nikola-cline-portraitNIKOLA CLINE (nikola@brandettes.com) is the award-winning founder of Brandettes, an LA-based agency that supports CPG brands with brand strategy, product innovation and strategic partnerships. Nikola secured the largest global amenity partnership active today, between Paul Mitchell and Marriott International, during her 10+ years leading marketing for John Paul Mitchell Systems.


Footnote: *www2.​deloitte.​com


Thinking about this statement by Kipling, the endless fragrance styles, and personal care brands throughout the world, lead me to do a little digging into this subject.  My thought path — So here’s a challenging task: create a fragrance that is relevant, appeals to a wide audience on the olfactory level while also resonating emotionally. Additionally, make sure it is memorable and cool. Where to even begin!? Marietta’s product development and design teams get to work with some of the best fragrance houses and brands in the biz. So, with special thanks to the help of some experts: Julie Movsessian, Marketing Director at Sozio, Inc., and Michelle Harper, VP of Scent Design at Arylessence, Inc. I took a look back at what 2017 smelled like… and glimpsed at what’s in store for 2018.

A few category boxes were filled:


Gender Benders — When exploring and forecasting fragrance trends, market experts look far beyond the perfume and personal care industry. Determining a trend requires a wide lens capable of examining fashion, home goods, decor, food, travel, social media, pop culture, political and social movements, etc. Social and current events coupled with the power of social media played a hand in the reemergence of the gender-neutral fragrance trend that exploded in the 1990s. Julie Movsessian, Marketing Director at Sozio, Inc., explains that “there is no more gender in the fragrance industry. The fragrances being sold can be used by women and men.”  Calvin Klein’s new for 2017 fragrance “All” is a perfect example of a gender-fluid scent that blurs the lines between masculine and feminine with crisp mandarin and citrus notes layered over warm amber and rhubarb. And of course, Marietta’s amenity collections are very much gender-neutral.


Earthy — Pantone’s increasingly influential color of the year finds its way into many industries with fragrance being no exception. This year’s color, Greenery, visually supports thoughts of the environment, growth, and nature while also evoking feelings of harmony and balance. Consumers are, more than ever, seeking home goods made of wood, stone and other organic materials and are encouraged to seek adventure, head into the woods, or disconnect for a “digital detox.” Essential oils harvested from the source and authentic natural ingredients are now expected by consumers with bonus points dolled out for vegan, organic, and eco-friendly. Unlike other earthy fragrance trends of the past which tend to be heavier, 2017 saw pairings with citrus and spice notes to lighten them up a bit. Michelle Harper, VP of Scent Design at Arylessence, Inc. called out a specific earthy trend: “You can’t talk about fragrance trends and not mention Oud. It’s everywhere and consumers purchasing prestige as well as mass market products are loving it! Oud, with its oriental, woody, ambery and incense-like aspects offers sophistication, warmth and sensuality while delivering a natural, earthiness that appeals to a wide range of demographics from boomers to millennials.” Amenity collections like Aveda Rosemary Mint and Beekman 1802 Dispensary are excellent examples of this style.


Pure: Health & Wellness — No matter what side of the fence you were on, 2016 was an emotionally draining 365-day stretch. Besides the political drama, there was actually a brief period of 2016 when knife-wielding clowns were chasing people into the woods. It wasn’t our best year. Entering 2017 was viewed by many as an opportunity for a fresh start with an optimistic attitude and a sense of brightness in the air. Fragrance-related internet searches this year often include the word “fresh.” Millennials seek fragrances as transparent as the lives they lead on social media. Michelle Harper describes how millennials “are focused on authenticity of the product. They want answers to some key questions – What is true about this product? Is it really worth the money? If so, why? What’s the fragrance story? Does the product actually work? What, if anything, does the product or the manufacturer behind it stand for?” The answers to these questions align with the desire for transparency and well-being that seeped into many product categories with consumers seeking less processed foods, locally made goods, and an overall focus now just as much on what is NOT in a product as what is in it. In the fragrance world, this translated into scents that capture that ever-desirable feeling of being clean and pure. These fragrances trended towards light, yet still complex, with many watery florals with perhaps some refreshing mint, cucumber or lime notes.


Colorful, Unexpected & Unique — This sophisticated trend took many cues from the culinary and travel worlds. Many unexpected blends of exotic botanicals, fruits, spices and florals. This trend mirrored what we’re seeing pop up in the natural sections of grocery stores and on trendy restaurant menus…beverages with unlikely pairings with lavender, rose water and hibiscus, tart and tangy flavors (kombucha!), anti-oxidant rich Madagascan peppercorns, unique and complex craft beer and coffee offerings. Ingredients known for their health benefits are even finding their way into mainstream drug store personal care brands with labels boasting the addition of coconut milk, argon oil, rice milk and a variety of herbs. 2017 has also seen much celebration of individuality and an increased desire among millennials and GenX to identify personally with their purchases. Julie Movsessian perfectly summed up the millennial strategy: “Propose new experiences, be innovative but stay authentic.”

….And what will 2018 smell like?

AckermanQuote“2018 and beyond will see an increased ability to express individuality across all product forms.  In terms of odor profiles, woody, fougere, oriental and floriental fragrance types will continue to gain momentum and the Chypre will regain popularity. Gender lines will be nearly non-existent. Unisex, androgynous scents will dominate.” explained Michelle of her forecast. Julie called out a continued “focus on ingredients” with scents remaining “clean, fresh and bright.”  Marietta is continually forward thinking working with the industry’s best strategic partners to ensure the amenity collections offered resonate with consumers. Exciting times ahead!

Marietta’s Amenity Collection Portfolio covers the range of fragrance options herbal, floral, citrus, apple, vanilla, spice, marine, etc.



B1802_BlogVisualTo say that Beekman 1802 is a dynamic brand would be the understatement of the year. When I first received samples of Beekman’s products I knew little to nothing about their history. After spending a few minutes perusing their website, I quickly gathered the basics of their story: Two guys who left NYC to try their hand at working a 210-year-old estate farm. An interesting twist that intrigued me. Fast-forward a few hours through me drooling over their online recipes, watching their baby goat cam, exploring the garden blog, reading various interviews while restraining myself from buying everything in their online store, and cut to me crying at a YouTube video of Beekman’s founders Josh and Brent talking to an audience about the 10 things their goats have taught them about life. (Trust me, it was very moving.) After disappearing into my rabbit hole of research, I learned what makes Beekman 1802 so special: Their founders, Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell.

The kindness, compassion, humor and understanding they display about their journey is both inspiring and contagious. They truly live and breathe their brand story.

Josh and Brent seem to have a better grip on their strengths and weaknesses than most of us will have in a lifetime. They understand that building something worthwhile doesn’t mean doing everything themselves, but by finding people who fill in the gaps of what they ​can’t​ do. Their keen sense of self-awareness allows them to focus on where they shine and when to ask for help. For example, after waking up at 4am trying to milk their goats in the early phase of their farming careers, they realized that maybe they should leave that to their friend Farmer John and focus on their strengths – marketing, branding and curating. This led them to begin working with local artisans in Sharon Springs, NY which had a tremendously positive ripple effect on the town, as it employed and supported many local artists and makers in their community. They do, however, still maintain their garden and pick their own vegetables – all while running one of the fastest growing lifestyle brands in the country. While I could go on and on about Beekman’s inviting and eclectic empire, I should probably touch on their incredible new line of Hotel Guest Amenities! The Beekman 1802 Dispensary Collection.

B1802_BlogStripWhen I opened my box of samples, (one of my favorite days of the month), I immediately got a sense of who they were from the timeless slate gray label and apothecary style bottle. The design and aesthetic, with a collaborative assist from creative artist, Christian Watson, of www.1924.us, ​the inspiration stems from the original Beekman Mercantile and 19th century ‘elixir’ merchants.
The honey infused formulations have a clean, fresh scent composed of black peppercorn, cardamom and clove.​ It was no surprise that I was not disappointed when I put them to the test. Oftentimes at hotels I find myself with shampoo that doesn’t clarify, conditioner that doesn’t condition, and lotion that doesn’t moisturize for more than 5 minutes.
The Beekman 1802 Dispensary Collection truly exceeded my expectations. It clarified, but did not strip my hair. The conditioner moisturized deeply but didn’t make my hair heavy or oily. I didn’t need more than a dime size of the body wash to achieve a rich lather. The bar soap was silky-soft and left me feeling clean without drying out my skin. Would you believe that the lotion ​actually​ moisturizes for the whole day? Perk: It made my bathroom smell ​really​ nice. While their products certainly speak for themselves, I think the whole experience is enriched knowing where Beekman 1802 comes from.


Brent Ridge of Beekman 1802 was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to talk to me about his day-to-day, how he stays inspired, and why community is so important.

Q: I think we are all a little curious when you find time for sleep! For those who haven’t seen your show, could you help us envision a day in the life of the Fabulous Beekman Boys​?

Brent: Well—we do keep farmers’ hours.  We are early to bed and early to rise. Our day to day activities vary so much based on the seasons. In the Spring and Summer the work on the farm is intense—beginning in March when the kidding season for the goats begins all the way until the last vegetable is harvested in September. In the Autumn and Winter is when we put all of that inspiration into product design, writing and creating.

Q: With such a diverse line of products, how do you continue to stay inspired and generate new ideas?

Brent: The farm is really a source of infinite inspiration.  Our love of nature, science (Dr. Brent), history (Josh) and all things beautiful generates far more ideas than we can ever actually produce.

Q: I loved your video,  “10 Things We Learned About Life From Our Goats”. It was incredibly sweet, funny and insightful. Goat lessons aside, what would you say has been the greatest lesson you have learned, personal or professional, since the start of Beekman 1802?

Brent: Community is the most valuable asset you can ever invest in.  Whether it is the community that physically surrounds you or a virtual one that you create in the digital world, nourishing those relationships, supporting one another, and helping everyone succeed is the surest route to success.

Q: Why did you feel that Marietta would be the best fit to introduce Beekman 1802 to the hospitality industry?

Brent: Beekman 1802 is based in upstate NY and prides itself as being one of the only major beauty and skincare brands that produces entirely in the United States. It was only natural that we would work with Marietta whose production facility is just a short drive from our own front door. We find something very troubling about the fact that so many companies produce their amenity programs overseas, often hiding behind an iconic American brand. As the fastest growing lifestyle brand in America we certainly believe in the power and importance of global sourcing, but we also believe that we should bend over backwards to support American manufacturing when there is a competitive option available.

Q: With so many options to choose from, what inspired the scents and ingredients behind the Beekman 1802 Dispensary Collection?

Brent: In the late 18th and early 19th century, William Beekman was one of the most successful mercantilists in upstate NY. When we started concepting the Dispensary line we started with a set of ingredients that would have been readily available on the shelves of Beekman’s original apothecary. In a society where the attention span is measured in seconds, by looking back at history we think we’ve created something truly exceptional.

Q: What do you hope travelers take away from their Beekman 1802 Dispensary Collection experience?

Brent: We hope that Dispensary —whether it is the scent, its feel on the skin, or even its quirky label design- stops the guest in their tracks and pulls them away from all the other distractions in their lives and the things on their minds and into the present minute—if only for the time it takes them to take a shower.

We also hope to engage all of the travelers who happen upon the Dispensary line to engage with us on social media and “Dispense” their sound travel advice. We plan to create a Dispensary Travel Guide crowd-sourced by every road warrior out there.


B1802_dispensary_PrgmKnowing Beekman 1802’s Dispensary Collection will be available in hotels should make travelers feel at ease the next time they forget to pack their own products. In fact, they may want to forget them on purpose. We at Marietta couldn’t be happier to join forces with Beekman 1802 to share their story, mission and products with the rest of the world.

I highly recommend signing up for their newsletter at ​www.beekman1802.com​. I promise it will only add joy to your inbox.


A Pure and Fresh Addition to the Hospitality Landscape

BB_blogvisualWhile many of us are now well-versed in diet and nutrition and the impacts of what we put IN our bodies, it is still so very common to overlook the impact of what we are putting ON our bodies. I once came across a statistic that the average person encounters over 100 chemicals every morning before even leaving the house while showering and doing their morning beauty and hair styling routines. That is a heavy toxic load for our bodies to process. As you learned on Earth Day, Marietta believes that being green is a never-ending effort and we are always looking for ways to nurture our planet and those that use our products. With these philosophies in mind, we are so proud to have joined forces with Patricia Walker, the founder of the exquisite Board and Batten brand, to create an amenity program that is gentle on body, mind, and Earth. I consider the Board and Batten Inspired Bath collection to be less of an “option” for hotels and more of a conscious “offering” to hotel guests. With this single choice, hotels can send a strong and meaningful message to its guests that they are looking out for their health and wellness while under their roof.  It is so encouraging and downright wonderful to see such thoughtful collections entering the hotel space.

The Board and Batten brand was born on a beautiful farm in Florida. With horses grazing in green pastures, rows of citrus groves and a cypress-lined lake, creator Patricia did not have to look far for inspiration. Disappointed with existing products in the marketplace, Patricia’s desire to create truly balanced and pure products blossomed into a passion for her and her family. She has hand-picked and studied every ingredient to ensure the simple, yet effective care our skin and hair deserve.

The Board and Batten amenity collection packaging is clean and simple with a nod to traditional apothecary style bottles that conjure up notions of a bygone era’s pure and simple treatments. The bottles, cartons and wrappers are 100% recyclable ensuring a low impact to Mother Nature. The timeless branding is an accurate extension of the back-to-basics formulations contained within the stylish packaging. The fragrances are subtle and fresh with herbal, citrus and woody notes all transporting the user straight to Patricia’s serene farm.



I had the opportunity to talk with Patricia and was so inspired by her dedication and passion. I learned that she is a also a Certified Aromatherapist and currently working towards a certificate in plant based nutrition. When I hung up the phone, I felt healthier just having talked with her. Your skin and hair are safe in her hands and you can trust she will be continually be creating and working towards bringing us the very best.

In Her Own Words:

Q: Describe for me a day in the life on the farm for you and your family
Patricia: I spend most of my mornings outside, feeding and riding our horses, then some sort of exercise like biking, running, or paddle boarding. During the heat of the day, Board and Batten and our Tree Farm becomes my focus; fulfilling orders, putting together social media campaigns, payroll, or, my favorite, creating a batch of new products.

Q: Tell me about your first-hand interactions with those who love your brand. What do they say? How does it resonate?
Patricia: We recently started selling our products as a seasonal vendor at our local farmer’s market. I love the opportunity it gives us to chat and get to know our customers. The best is when I see a someone come to our booth and immediately read the ingredients listed on the back label. It is so great to see more and more people paying attention to what they are putting on their skin.
Feedback from happy customers is what makes my work so fulfilling. Often people write to me about their problem skin and how our line has alleviated dryness, acne and even rosacea. Others tell me how once they started using our products, they have been receiving compliments on how great their skin looks. Stories like these keep me creating and researching to keep my customers happy and our line fresh.

Q: How are your values reflected in your brand?

Patricia: Growing up, I was taught the value of truthfulness, resourcefulness, and living a balanced life. Once we moved onto our farm, I noticed how small daily rituals can have big impacts on our lives. These values are all reflected in our brand.

Q:  What were your thoughts behind creating the unique fragrance profile for the Inspired Bath amenity collection?
Patricia: When creating the fragrance for the Marietta amenity collection we had the hotel traveler in mind. I wanted it to be enjoyed by men and women alike and bring about a soothing association with their hotel stay. Because we are based on an orange grove, we chose to use uplifting citrus combined with rich floral notes to bring calmness throughout the day.

Q: Why was Marietta the best fit to introduce your brand to the hospitality industry?
Patricia: We are so excited to have our line partnered with Marietta. Everyone we have met and spoken with has made us feel welcomed and part of their extended family. I knew it was a perfect fit when I learned that their company started in a rural area of New York and that manufacturing takes place in the USA.

Q: It must be so exciting to think about all the new people who will experience your brand while traveling. What do you hope their main take-away is?
Patricia: Well, first of all, it is important to me that they enjoy the experience. I hope they like the simple elegance of our packaging, it’s unique fragrance, as well as the way it feels on their skin. People who are traveling can feel rushed, jet-lagged, and frankly, just one of the masses. My hope is that they know that our line was thoughtfully curated at our farm specifically for them to enjoy a time of soothing relaxation.

Q: Aside from your business, what are you passionate about?
Patricia: I enjoy so many things in life, traveling, the outdoors, reading, but what I love the most is spending time with my family. I have 4 amazing children and a supportive husband who keep me inspired and striving to do my best in everything I do.



Earth Day is upon us! Although we like to think we are earth-friendly all year round, April 22nd serves as a reminder for us to take a look at the ways in which we are being kind to our planet. As a manufacturer, it is essential that we consider the economic, environmental, and social impact of our decisions.

So, where do we start?

1 – We Make our Products at Home.

Making our products in the USA, whenever possible, means we use less energy and resources to get our products from one place to another – which simply means less pollution!

For example: A recent Zerofootprint™ study Marietta participated in to evaluate Marine Freight from overseas shipping* showed product’s annual emissions of 6,452 tonnes of CO2e are equivalent to:

  • Emissions saved by taking 1,242 average-sized cars off the road in the USA
  • The carbon sequestered by growing 165,436 seedlings to 10 years of maturity
  • Burning 15,005 barrels of oil
  • Saving $1,058,499 on an average US electricity bill

*Zerofootprint™ Greenhouse Gas Protocol – Corporate Standard.

Marietta’s sustainable manufacturing practices include:

  • Reducing utility usage (electricity, water, natural gas)
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling operational waste and components
  • Partnering with vendors, community organizations and companies to optimize environmental sustainability and recycling impact
  • Offering customers innovative sustainable packaging solutions for the personal care industry

2 – Earth-Friendly Packaging

Marietta offers a wide variety of packaging options, including packaging designs that reduce waste and protect the environment. We do this by:

  • Using light-weighted bottle designs (this can reduce plastic usage by up to 360,000 pounds annually!)
  • Using 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly plastics; instead of PVC plastic, which contains harmful dioxins
  • Using 100% recyclable cartons and wrappers
  • Using Post Consumer Recycled Paper where applicable
  • Using soy/vegetable based printing inks whenever possible


3 – Seeing “Green”

Did you know that Marietta offers the Hospitality Industry’s largest selection of green amenities available? We make a conscious effort to align ourselves with companies whose vision and values are similar to our own such as:  Aveda®, Beekman 1802®, Board and Batten®, Malie®, Paul Mitchell®, PAYA® and ProTerra®.


  • Offering the options of Gallons and Dispensers
  • Biodegradable liquids and bar soaps
  • Products made with natural ingredients and no harmful, harsh chemicals
  • 100% vegetable base bar soap
  • Envir-ooo® Light-Weighted Extruded Bar Soap* designed to reduce waste, carbon footprint, and to protect that natural world from which it is derived. Our three channel cavity Bar Soap enables us to retain a larger dimension, improve functionality, and impact a more positive guest experience.

* Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.


By fostering relationships with like-minded companies, we are happy to be developing earth-friendly practices not just for our generation, but for the generations that will follow.

Each year we look forward to leading by example and finding new and innovative ways to make Marietta a leader in sustainability. Tread Lighter.

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The story of Marietta Hospitality is an inspiring and colorful one.

If you enjoy personal care and beauty products, traveling, hotels, or are intrigued by tales of innovation and creativity…we have got something for you.

Wandering the production floor at Marietta, you weave through a maze of awesome machinery precisely filling cute little bottles with various kinds of scented product we will affectionately refer to as goop. The bottles ride a mini roller coaster and eventually are topped with a cap and dressed in a sharp looking label before sliding swiftly into a box. It feels like you are watching an episode of How It’s Made – equal parts satisfying and mesmerizing.

Also, depending on your age, it may conjure up either Rube Goldberg cartoons or Pee-Wee Herman’s breakfast machine.


Instant photoWhile observing, it is easy to forget that this very impressive landscape of manufacturing prowess has very humble roots in a single innovative idea from one creative fella. The fella was Manny Siegle and legend has it he adventured to Europe in the 1970s in search of an apparatus that could be used to package sauerkraut in little foil packages known as sachettes. His intention was to sell these to stadiums. While traveling around attempting to sell his break-through cabbage idea, he stayed in many hotels. Then, the moment every entrepreneur waits for…the ah-ha! During one of his many hotel stays, he realized his sachettes were much better suited for shampoo and lotion. With this idea, Manny started Marietta and is responsible for launching the hotel guest amenities industry in the United States – an American original.

BlogInset3True to these roots, Marietta’s made in USA products to this day are manufactured in FDA registered facilities of unsurpassed quality. Knowing that our skin is our largest organ and that it pretty much absorbs everything we put on it, it is comforting (and rarer than you would suspect) to know that the goop you are lathering up with has the home field advantage of quality and safety.

Fresh out of college, being a part of Marietta’s expert marketing and design teams was an incredible opportunity for me. Growth opportunities, hands-on learning experiences galore, and the best product sampling tasks ever. I am so excited to be back in the Marietta world to share information, experiences, thought bubbles and happenings with you from the dynamic and fast-paced crossroads of travel and beauty.


BlogSpot2_Big5SIMPLICITY – Do you ever feel like you need a vacation just to decompress from planning your vacation? Well, it seems you’re not alone. Long gone are the days of extravagance and too many options. People are craving true vacation time and reprieve from their hectic lives. They no longer want to feel bombarded with a long list of options, but prefer a simple, streamlined getaway that captures the feeling of being away with the small comforts of being somewhere familiar. Just far enough to get lost, but comfortable enough to feel at home.

EXPERIENCE OVER SOUVENIRS – 2017 trends are showing that more and more people are interested in the emotional value of their experience vs. the material value. What currently defines a luxury experience for many is something that is rare, off-the-beaten path, and most importantly, new. Sharing a breathtaking view on social media holds more value than bringing home a tangible keepsake. People want to feel connected to the culture and the place they are visiting more than sitting in a gold-plated room with room service. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

JOINING HIGH AND LOW BROW – Boutique? Hostel? Why not both? 2016 saw the beginning of a “poshtels”, a cute nickname for upscale hostels. This year, it only seems to be picking up speed. Aside from hostels in Europe and the US upping their game in the way of luxury amenities, so are major hotel chains. For example, our customer, Hotel Indigo took note by adding small details like Rosemary Mint Aveda shampoo to their rooms to make your stay just a little more posh. Why choose when you can have upscale on an affordable budget? We wouldn’t either.

FEELS LIKE HOME, BUT MAYBE A LITTLE BETTER – Marietta has always offered a selection of American favorites, likely the same as you use in your shower at home. Or, maybe a brand you’ve been curious to try. While hotels seek to create unique experiences in a very competitive landscape, it’s easy to overlook the power of the comforts-of-home which could very consciously or subconsciously elevate the feel-good vibes for guests. Travelers are seeking locations that feel like home, but nicer. Envision something like your house – but with nicer artwork, zero clutter, and products that smell really nice.

CUSTOMIZATION – A five-star hotel? Surfing? Beach Bum? Backpacking? – Who decides what the “best” type of vacation is? You! Customization is all the rage. Everything from location and activities to cuisine. And don’t forget the products. With as many options as consumers have these days, Marietta believes that while simplicity is wonderful, so is the power of choice. Marietta goes to great lengths to help Hotel groups select Amenity Collections that are a perfect extension of the Hotel’s own brand identity. The options are endless and we are excited to see where they go and to be part of the ever-changing landscape.