A Pure and Fresh Addition to the Hospitality Landscape

BB_blogvisualWhile many of us are now well-versed in diet and nutrition and the impacts of what we put IN our bodies, it is still so very common to overlook the impact of what we are putting ON our bodies. I once came across a statistic that the average person encounters over 100 chemicals every morning before even leaving the house while showering and doing their morning beauty and hair styling routines. That is a heavy toxic load for our bodies to process. As you learned on Earth Day, Marietta believes that being green is a never-ending effort and we are always looking for ways to nurture our planet and those that use our products. With these philosophies in mind, we are so proud to have joined forces with Patricia Walker, the founder of the exquisite Board and Batten brand, to create an amenity program that is gentle on body, mind, and Earth. I consider the Board and Batten Inspired Bath collection to be less of an “option” for hotels and more of a conscious “offering” to hotel guests. With this single choice, hotels can send a strong and meaningful message to its guests that they are looking out for their health and wellness while under their roof.  It is so encouraging and downright wonderful to see such thoughtful collections entering the hotel space.

The Board and Batten brand was born on a beautiful farm in Florida. With horses grazing in green pastures, rows of citrus groves and a cypress-lined lake, creator Patricia did not have to look far for inspiration. Disappointed with existing products in the marketplace, Patricia’s desire to create truly balanced and pure products blossomed into a passion for her and her family. She has hand-picked and studied every ingredient to ensure the simple, yet effective care our skin and hair deserve.

The Board and Batten amenity collection packaging is clean and simple with a nod to traditional apothecary style bottles that conjure up notions of a bygone era’s pure and simple treatments. The bottles, cartons and wrappers are 100% recyclable ensuring a low impact to Mother Nature. The timeless branding is an accurate extension of the back-to-basics formulations contained within the stylish packaging. The fragrances are subtle and fresh with herbal, citrus and woody notes all transporting the user straight to Patricia’s serene farm.



I had the opportunity to talk with Patricia and was so inspired by her dedication and passion. I learned that she is a also a Certified Aromatherapist and currently working towards a certificate in plant based nutrition. When I hung up the phone, I felt healthier just having talked with her. Your skin and hair are safe in her hands and you can trust she will be continually be creating and working towards bringing us the very best.

In Her Own Words:

Q: Describe for me a day in the life on the farm for you and your family
Patricia: I spend most of my mornings outside, feeding and riding our horses, then some sort of exercise like biking, running, or paddle boarding. During the heat of the day, Board and Batten and our Tree Farm becomes my focus; fulfilling orders, putting together social media campaigns, payroll, or, my favorite, creating a batch of new products.

Q: Tell me about your first-hand interactions with those who love your brand. What do they say? How does it resonate?
Patricia: We recently started selling our products as a seasonal vendor at our local farmer’s market. I love the opportunity it gives us to chat and get to know our customers. The best is when I see a someone come to our booth and immediately read the ingredients listed on the back label. It is so great to see more and more people paying attention to what they are putting on their skin.
Feedback from happy customers is what makes my work so fulfilling. Often people write to me about their problem skin and how our line has alleviated dryness, acne and even rosacea. Others tell me how once they started using our products, they have been receiving compliments on how great their skin looks. Stories like these keep me creating and researching to keep my customers happy and our line fresh.

Q: How are your values reflected in your brand?

Patricia: Growing up, I was taught the value of truthfulness, resourcefulness, and living a balanced life. Once we moved onto our farm, I noticed how small daily rituals can have big impacts on our lives. These values are all reflected in our brand.

Q:  What were your thoughts behind creating the unique fragrance profile for the Inspired Bath amenity collection?
Patricia: When creating the fragrance for the Marietta amenity collection we had the hotel traveler in mind. I wanted it to be enjoyed by men and women alike and bring about a soothing association with their hotel stay. Because we are based on an orange grove, we chose to use uplifting citrus combined with rich floral notes to bring calmness throughout the day.

Q: Why was Marietta the best fit to introduce your brand to the hospitality industry?
Patricia: We are so excited to have our line partnered with Marietta. Everyone we have met and spoken with has made us feel welcomed and part of their extended family. I knew it was a perfect fit when I learned that their company started in a rural area of New York and that manufacturing takes place in the USA.

Q: It must be so exciting to think about all the new people who will experience your brand while traveling. What do you hope their main take-away is?
Patricia: Well, first of all, it is important to me that they enjoy the experience. I hope they like the simple elegance of our packaging, it’s unique fragrance, as well as the way it feels on their skin. People who are traveling can feel rushed, jet-lagged, and frankly, just one of the masses. My hope is that they know that our line was thoughtfully curated at our farm specifically for them to enjoy a time of soothing relaxation.

Q: Aside from your business, what are you passionate about?
Patricia: I enjoy so many things in life, traveling, the outdoors, reading, but what I love the most is spending time with my family. I have 4 amazing children and a supportive husband who keep me inspired and striving to do my best in everything I do.



Earth Day is upon us! Although we like to think we are earth-friendly all year round, April 22nd serves as a reminder for us to take a look at the ways in which we are being kind to our planet. As a manufacturer, it is essential that we consider the economic, environmental, and social impact of our decisions.

So, where do we start?

1 – We Make our Products at Home.

Making our products in the USA, whenever possible, means we use less energy and resources to get our products from one place to another – which simply means less pollution!

For example: A recent Zerofootprint™ study Marietta participated in to evaluate Marine Freight from overseas shipping* showed product’s annual emissions of 6,452 tonnes of CO2e are equivalent to:

  • Emissions saved by taking 1,242 average-sized cars off the road in the USA
  • The carbon sequestered by growing 165,436 seedlings to 10 years of maturity
  • Burning 15,005 barrels of oil
  • Saving $1,058,499 on an average US electricity bill

*Zerofootprint™ Greenhouse Gas Protocol – Corporate Standard.

Marietta’s sustainable manufacturing practices include:

  • Reducing utility usage (electricity, water, natural gas)
  • Reducing, reusing, and recycling operational waste and components
  • Partnering with vendors, community organizations and companies to optimize environmental sustainability and recycling impact
  • Offering customers innovative sustainable packaging solutions for the personal care industry

2 – Earth-Friendly Packaging

Marietta offers a wide variety of packaging options, including packaging designs that reduce waste and protect the environment. We do this by:

  • Using light-weighted bottle designs (this can reduce plastic usage by up to 360,000 pounds annually!)
  • Using 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly plastics; instead of PVC plastic, which contains harmful dioxins
  • Using 100% recyclable cartons and wrappers
  • Using Post Consumer Recycled Paper where applicable
  • Using soy/vegetable based printing inks whenever possible


3 – Seeing “Green”

Did you know that Marietta offers the Hospitality Industry’s largest selection of green amenities available? We make a conscious effort to align ourselves with companies whose vision and values are similar to our own such as:  Aveda®, Beekman 1802®, Board and Batten®, Malie®, Paul Mitchell®, PAYA® and ProTerra®.


  • Offering the options of Gallons and Dispensers
  • Biodegradable liquids and bar soaps
  • Products made with natural ingredients and no harmful, harsh chemicals
  • 100% vegetable base bar soap
  • Envir-ooo® Light-Weighted Extruded Bar Soap* designed to reduce waste, carbon footprint, and to protect that natural world from which it is derived. Our three channel cavity Bar Soap enables us to retain a larger dimension, improve functionality, and impact a more positive guest experience.

* Patent Pending. All Rights Reserved.


By fostering relationships with like-minded companies, we are happy to be developing earth-friendly practices not just for our generation, but for the generations that will follow.

Each year we look forward to leading by example and finding new and innovative ways to make Marietta a leader in sustainability. Tread Lighter.

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The story of Marietta Hospitality is an inspiring and colorful one.

If you enjoy personal care and beauty products, traveling, hotels, or are intrigued by tales of innovation and creativity…we have got something for you.

Wandering the production floor at Marietta, you weave through a maze of awesome machinery precisely filling cute little bottles with various kinds of scented product we will affectionately refer to as goop. The bottles ride a mini roller coaster and eventually are topped with a cap and dressed in a sharp looking label before sliding swiftly into a box. It feels like you are watching an episode of How It’s Made – equal parts satisfying and mesmerizing.

Also, depending on your age, it may conjure up either Rube Goldberg cartoons or Pee-Wee Herman’s breakfast machine.


Instant photoWhile observing, it is easy to forget that this very impressive landscape of manufacturing prowess has very humble roots in a single innovative idea from one creative fella. The fella was Manny Siegle and legend has it he adventured to Europe in the 1970s in search of an apparatus that could be used to package sauerkraut in little foil packages known as sachettes. His intention was to sell these to stadiums. While traveling around attempting to sell his break-through cabbage idea, he stayed in many hotels. Then, the moment every entrepreneur waits for…the ah-ha! During one of his many hotel stays, he realized his sachettes were much better suited for shampoo and lotion. With this idea, Manny started Marietta and is responsible for launching the hotel guest amenities industry in the United States – an American original.

BlogInset3True to these roots, Marietta’s made in USA products to this day are manufactured in FDA registered facilities of unsurpassed quality. Knowing that our skin is our largest organ and that it pretty much absorbs everything we put on it, it is comforting (and rarer than you would suspect) to know that the goop you are lathering up with has the home field advantage of quality and safety.

Fresh out of college, being a part of Marietta’s expert marketing and design teams was an incredible opportunity for me. Growth opportunities, hands-on learning experiences galore, and the best product sampling tasks ever. I am so excited to be back in the Marietta world to share information, experiences, thought bubbles and happenings with you from the dynamic and fast-paced crossroads of travel and beauty.


BlogSpot2_Big5SIMPLICITY – Do you ever feel like you need a vacation just to decompress from planning your vacation? Well, it seems you’re not alone. Long gone are the days of extravagance and too many options. People are craving true vacation time and reprieve from their hectic lives. They no longer want to feel bombarded with a long list of options, but prefer a simple, streamlined getaway that captures the feeling of being away with the small comforts of being somewhere familiar. Just far enough to get lost, but comfortable enough to feel at home.

EXPERIENCE OVER SOUVENIRS – 2017 trends are showing that more and more people are interested in the emotional value of their experience vs. the material value. What currently defines a luxury experience for many is something that is rare, off-the-beaten path, and most importantly, new. Sharing a breathtaking view on social media holds more value than bringing home a tangible keepsake. People want to feel connected to the culture and the place they are visiting more than sitting in a gold-plated room with room service. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

JOINING HIGH AND LOW BROW – Boutique? Hostel? Why not both? 2016 saw the beginning of a “poshtels”, a cute nickname for upscale hostels. This year, it only seems to be picking up speed. Aside from hostels in Europe and the US upping their game in the way of luxury amenities, so are major hotel chains. For example, our customer, Hotel Indigo took note by adding small details like Rosemary Mint Aveda shampoo to their rooms to make your stay just a little more posh. Why choose when you can have upscale on an affordable budget? We wouldn’t either.

FEELS LIKE HOME, BUT MAYBE A LITTLE BETTER – Marietta has always offered a selection of American favorites, likely the same as you use in your shower at home. Or, maybe a brand you’ve been curious to try. While hotels seek to create unique experiences in a very competitive landscape, it’s easy to overlook the power of the comforts-of-home which could very consciously or subconsciously elevate the feel-good vibes for guests. Travelers are seeking locations that feel like home, but nicer. Envision something like your house – but with nicer artwork, zero clutter, and products that smell really nice.

CUSTOMIZATION – A five-star hotel? Surfing? Beach Bum? Backpacking? – Who decides what the “best” type of vacation is? You! Customization is all the rage. Everything from location and activities to cuisine. And don’t forget the products. With as many options as consumers have these days, Marietta believes that while simplicity is wonderful, so is the power of choice. Marietta goes to great lengths to help Hotel groups select Amenity Collections that are a perfect extension of the Hotel’s own brand identity. The options are endless and we are excited to see where they go and to be part of the ever-changing landscape.